Certainly NOT roller coasters…and that is the KIDDIE one, folks.

There is nothing I love more than hearing from you…it is just as good as receiving a paycheck (well electronic transfer these days) for my writing. So here are some ways that you can reach me:


Twitter: @tara_neale


Personal Page More information and more ability to interact with me. When I get so big that I cannot accept my readers as my friends…well, then I am too big for my britches, as they say. So this is my preference.

Fan Page But if you are busy and want just the down and dirty on my blog and writing, then this is the place for you.

Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour  This one is dedicated to my special labor of love, my Sergeant Mike novella series, and features all things patriotic.

Then dang if that ain’t enough, folks, please email me and ask to be put on my monthly newsletter list that includes:

  • EXCLUSIVE seen-here-first stories and chapters of Works In Progress…in 2016 I will be writing a whole book there and no where else.
  • Articles that go deeper than my everyday fare here on the blog.
  • Contests not for your normal (when am I ever normal?) swag, free books or the like…but for handmade items from ME…quilts, aprons and other goodies.
  • And yes, updates on upcoming book releases.

Like I said…I really DO WANT to hear from you…so hit me up.