Yeah, I know but ultimately all writers need to promote their books. So here is where the hard-er sell comes in, folks.

My Country Tis of Thee Labor's End Shared Burdens Final Cover

But if you want to sample my fiction style (more than Tease Tuesday permits) then I still do right rough drafts and short stories on Literotica, where there are literally hundreds of them…sadly most unfinished (not enough hours in the day, days in the years or perhaps even years left in my life to finish them all). And those are all completely FREE.

That’s about as hard-sell as this girl gets, folks. Other than this…PLEASE leave an HONEST review for every single thing you read. If you look at my stuff you will wonder why there are not more reviews. One reason, I do NOT ‘game’ the system. I do not trade reviews with other authors (I tried that a couple of times…no, thank you). And the only people I beg for reviews are you…MY READERS. Because in my humble opinion, those are the only ones that count.