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Arenal Volcano Costa RicaRings of Fire is the story of Brent Jacobs, the ‘mad scientist’ volcanologist, that appeared in cameo in The Arrangement. It is also the beginning of the end…that Apocalypse for all your favorite characters from the first book. And you get to see Jill and Daniel and find out which way that four-four split went with those twins she was pregnant with.

If that ain’t enough of a teaser, then how about this…

“Damn it, Brent. I can’t just drop everything and jump on a plane half way across the world, because of another one of your crazy theories,” Lauren Masters was losing patience with her ex-husband.

Brent Jacobs was brilliant. It was what had attracted her to him from the moment they met at summer science camp. She had been nine and at twelve he was already the star of their little world. His ideas were extreme at times, more fiction than science but always with enough basis in accepted principles not to be easily dismissed.

Of course, it had been a dozen years before Brent had noticed her. His All-American blond good-looks and blue eyes set him apart from other doctoral candidates at Oxford. While she was a lowly undergraduate taking his tutorial on plate tectonics. With her Scottish ginger hair and freckles, the last thing she expected was for Brent to be attracted to her.

But from the beginning he called it a meeting of the minds. And when their bodies met a few months later, Lauren swore it was a nine point eight on the Richter scale. But their marriage had been more like the Pacific Ring of Fire…seemingly constant eruptions, molten lava and endless destruction.

“Lauren, listen to me.” He pleaded on the other end of the Skype video conference. Even in the dim light that enveloped him, she could see the dark circles and worry lines that were beginning to mar his gorgeous visage. Of course, at forty most men had a few lines here and there. But they seemed deeper, more pronounced than they had just a few weeks ago when he had visited.

“Lauren, god damn it. Those are my girls too. And I want…NEED…to know they are safe.” She could see him running his fingers through his short cropped hair with just enough waves to tempt any woman to do the same. Goddess knew she had loved doing it. So many, many times.

“Brent, I am in the middle of exams here. I have two papers in the final stages of edits for Science and the Royal Society. And Elise has not been doing well lately. I was called to the school twice this week. You know that she cannot manage those kinds of sudden changes. It just isn’t possible right now,” she tried to sound logical even if she knew his once great mind was beyond logic.

“I did not want it to come to this,” he said before the screen went black.

Lauren considered trying to ring him back. Demand to know what he meant by ‘come to this.’ Her skin prickled. When he was determined, Brent was almost like the tsunamis that they studied, unstoppable and dangerous to anything or anyone that stood in his way.

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Sex…SEX…and MORE SEX!!!

While PanKwake was with her dad on Saturday, I did something I should have long ago. No, not sex. I had one of those quickie health assessments at the shopping center. My results? Over the next decade, my risks for heart disease and diabetes is minimal…even given my curvy loveliness.

Even better, the nurse actually asked me if I was over 35 to qualify. I hugged her and told her that I had just celebrated my 50th birthday. She did not believe me, especially when she learned of the stress levels associated with being a single mom to an autistic child. She asked what I did. Of course, I had to keep it sort of PG-rated, something that is never easy for me, but in addition to mentioning running around after dark playing tag in the parks with PanKwake, I slid in a bit more of the truth…lots of Happy O’s.

Then this morning, I saw this on my Facebook friends’ feed and knew I had to share it with all of you…,,20845824,00.html

13…count them lucky thirteen reasons why frequent, good sex can actually benefit your health. It is like I always say…screw a damned apple a day, I’ll take a Happy O a day (and more when I have someone special to share them with) to keep the doctor away. Honestly, if I do go a couple of days without…I can really tell the difference in my mood and even my mental faculties.

And if that was not enough evidence for you, then look at this story about the wife, who gave her husband a special 40th birthday present…sex every day for a year. And that was five years down the line, they were still blissfully happy.

So whether it is alone, with your toys or especially sharing this special gift of health and love with someone you care about, follow Nike’s advice…JUST DO IT…daily…at least. Bets the hell out of nasty tasting vitamins, don’t it?

Gift of the Magi…

This short story by O. Henry, though not erotic at all, is one of the most powerful tales of love. It is also the perfect response to a comment that I received this morning on how rough Bjorn was with Kirsty at the end of Chapter 9 of Ægir’s Bride. In particular, this anon pointed out how difficult deep throating can be and how it can require as much or more training than anal sex. She (or I think it was a she…forgive me if I assumed wrong) spoke of how traumatic just such an event had been for her, even using the term ‘rape.’ I began a response to her at Lit, but then I realized that it could go on and on…I will share this bit of it with you before continuing that story here…

I shall take what you said under advisement. In fact, re-reading it, I shall instead finish this chapter not from his perspective, which may seem harsh, but from hers. I will also add that I would agree with you had it been Sven or perhaps even Mikael, but what these two share transcends the basic bonds of safe/sane/consensual.

This is about more even than submission…that she does with Sven. This is about an intense need to give solace, safety and unconditional acceptance to someone you love. This is the point where BDSM is not a game but an integral part of who you are as a couple.

And that is where the O. Henry short story comes in. It is about a young couple, who love one another desperately. Like many newlyweds their first Christmas is to be sparse, but each needs to express that love with some grand gift. I won’t do a spoiler since it is a short read and free.

I will though talk about how it pertains to Bjorn and Kirsty…and most importantly how it relates to real life, which is all that fucking matters anyway. This chapter saw everything that Bjorn had known and believed shaken, his world turned on its head and his whole paradigm brought into question. It also saw Kirsty for the first time find her sea legs (no apologies for the bad pun) and stand up for her self. But not to him.

Because with him, there is no need. These two have in what may seem a relatively short period of time established a trust that is unrealistic…until you consider the hundreds of messages that they have shared over the past few months. The secrets that they know of one another. The bonds that his ‘little challenges’ like not wearing knickers while she shopped or buying that bullet (and more importantly using it…oh, yes, this man began her orgasm training even before they met).

One thing I know…and argue if you want…but

gets it… You CAN love someone even before you meet them. And these two did.

But the challenge becomes to translate that love from cyber to real life. And as I said the other day…that is a daily decision. To do what that short story and what my writing (and hopefully my life) teaches…to put someone else’s needs before your own fucking ones.

That is NOT a popular view these days, especially when it comes to love and relationships. These days we are free to cut our losses at the least little thing. And don’t get me wrong…sometimes we should. In the case of abuse, drugs, or cheating, we have a right to have certain boundaries respected.

I have watched silently the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, not because I disagree with it. I do not, everyone should be free to love whom they choose. I am silent because the truth is that marriage is no longer is what Justice Kennedy claims it to be when he says:

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were. 

But our modern world of me, Me, ME…and my right to be happy, my rights to my body have undermined and eroded all of that. We do not form that highest ideals anymore…instead we make temporary and non-binding contracts for as long as you are good for me. As long as the pros of loving you outweigh the cons.

This came to head with me a few weeks ago when I saw a FaceBook post from the founder of an organization that I supported and believed in. This woman, who I once believed understood the redemptive power of love to overcome every fucking thing this world can throw at us, was advocating leaving a partner in crisis. I could nod my head when she talked of abuse and your right to safety for yourself and especially the children. But when she started in with drivel about ‘toxic’ relationships…she lost my respect.

I guess what I am saying is that the difference between the rape that Anon spoke of and what Kirsty gives to Bjorn is as simple as four little letters…L-O-V-E. That love which truly is…for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Yes, theirs may be an unconventional relationship, but in their minds and hearts their ‘marriage’ is as real as all those gay couples, who have been fighting for decades for that right. And it is far more real than most of what passes as marriage in the world we live in today. A love that says…”you need this from me right now, more than any of my ‘rights’ to withhold it. So I give it…freely…and out of my love for you.”

Relationships Advice…for my characters?

As a writer, you know you are doing something incredibly right when you get comments, positive or negative, offering your characters relationship advice. I will be the first to admit…if my relationship is as convoluted as the plot of one of my novels, it is time for a very long fucking talk about where this thing is going or not. You see I believe in transparency…open and more than simple honest communication. I believe if you want or need something, then you should ask that of your partner.

But the truth is that type of relationship makes for a shitty story line…where is the tension? the sexual angst? the climax? Well, I can always climax, but in this case I mean the conflict, resolution and climax of writing. That requires mystery, misunderstandings, and secrets. Lots of them too. It may be no way to live your life, but it is what makes for a good novel, movie or television show.

I mean the book would be over before it even began if a tough fisherman and über Dom like Sven said, “Kirsten, you are really getting under my skin. Making me feel things, want things that I never thought I would. And I really don’t know how to handle all this. Help me, please.” And come on, folks…how many macho male types you know that are willing to be vulnerable? Oh, trust me…it does happen and when it does, ladies, NEVER fucking let that one go…and make damned sure you meet his needs.

But the sad truth is that in our modern, fucked up world, the reason that so many people offer characters in a book relationship advice is…they have been there themselves. It takes true courage to step out of those head games…rules for dating…and being an honest, genuine person. You risk rejection. But I go back to the words of my favorite author, Dr. Seuss…

My fav book...and philosophy as deep as Socrates
My fav book…and philosophy as deep as Socrates

Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?

How much can you lose? How much can you win?

One of the advantages of those fifty years that I was complaining about is that I am wise enough to know…if you do not dare, then you can never truly win the big prize. And the biggest prize of all is loving and being loved by someone that accepts you as you are, communicates with you transparently and is as committed to making things work as you are.

In books or in real life it sometimes takes a while to find that person…and to get to that point. The saddest thing for me as a writer is that is where most romances end…with the words…and they lived Happily Ever After. The truth is that no one gets happy…ever after.

There will always be ups and downs…and the biggest story is not falling in love but the hard ass decision to STAY in love. That takes a commitment every fucking day that your partner is not your enemy…circumstances and the world are. It takes the decision to see all the wonderful things about him or her that first attracted you and not all those stupid little (or even big) ones like toothpaste caps and dirty socks. And most of all, it takes that transparency to tell him or her what you are thinking, feeling and need/want…not just expecting them to know because they are psychic. In other words, the hardest work and best story is only found after the words…The End.

Hmmm…from now on all my stories will finish with the words…The Beginning.

Your Fav Position?

I so love my kinky writer FaceBook and all the memes on there.

Yesterday, I saw this one…

Fuzzy but you get the idea...
Fuzzy but you get the idea…

At one time or the other, I have tried most of them. Some are old faithfuls. Others are good to mix things up. A few are nice for transitioning from one position to another without losing your groove. And some are just down right…funny. Oh please if anyone has actually tried #14…pretty please…tell me, how the fuck is that even possible? But my personal fav is not on here…though #22 comes close. This girl loves the words…face down, ass up, woman.

So what gets your vote? Which unusual one have your tried? Which would you like to?

Strangest Place That You Ever…

Yesterday, I announced that I had released my debut full-length novel, The Arrangement. Part of the blurb alludes to some of the non-traditional places they make love (is there such a thing?). Kitchen counter tops, shower and IN a lake among them. It got me to thinking…what was the most unusual?

Mine, you ask? Hold on to your horse. A stone slab on top of an ancient Aztec pyramid in Cancun, Mexico. Oddly and appropriately enough with the very man upon whom Jill’s first husband was modeled. It was 1984 and like Jill I had decided to travel the world. A ‘hippie’ friend of mine, who had done just that before settling down with her very straight-laced military husband, suggested Cancan as the first stop. I quit my job, hopped a plane and began my adventure.

About a week into my adventure, I was spending the day on the beach near the Hilton. I was chatting at the bar with this very nice but older British army sergeant. Suddenly this tall, dark Adonis with military short haircut that curled at the end and laughing brown eyes arose from the waves laughing. My breath froze in my lungs as he started walking towards me. Then my face fell as he looked at his friend and said, “How bout a fag, mate?” At the time, I did not know ‘British.’ Fag meant only one thing back then to me…gay. I was so happy that day to learn my first British word for cigarette.

Of course, being young, the sexual chemistry between us was that immature sort. We ended up arguing about everything, right down to which had more military significance…the American Civil War or the War of the Roses. We arranged to go out dancing as group that night, except when it came time his sergeant had a ‘headache.’ We kept right on arguing. Right up until the moment that these two older Canadian women started to come on to David. I decided to up the ante then. And like in the story, I dragged his very hot ass onto the dance floor and seduced him to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out for a Hero.’ By the time the next slow song came on, the Canadian women had disappeared, looking for fresh pry…and David was mine. We ended that night making love for the first time on the beach with the waves crashing about us. But trust me that one is highly overrated. It takes days to get the sand out of your bits.

Not 100% sure this is the same one...but I think so.
Not 100% sure this is the same one…but I think so

But that was just the beginning of three unforgettable weeks. And the beach was not even the most unusual. Not far from the Hilton, which became ‘our’ hang out, is a half destroyed Aztec pyramid. The back side, which faces onto the beach, had been eroded by time until it makes a damned fine climbing wall. Whatever was I thinking following him up the damned thing without even a safety rope? Young love! We cased it during the day and when we got to the top, sure enough there was a 3 foot by 4 foot stone slab about two or three feet high right in the middle. He whispered that it was where they sacrificed the virgins.

If that was not bad enough, we came back that night. Climbed that cliff, I went first this time…so he could catch me if I lost my footing…gentleman that he was. We got to the top…and oh yes… The ‘almost’ virgin was more than thoroughly sacrificed to the gods and goddesses of love and lust as we made love under the moon with the hotel pool just below us. And the whole time, we were both getting off to the whole ‘virgin sacrifice’ fantasy. And I was truly, madly, deeply for the very first time in my life at 19.

Unlike Jill and her David, ours was not the happy ending with almost twenty years of love and kink and four sons…but that is the beauty of being a writer, I can live vicariously through my characters. But that is my strangest, what is yours? Do I have any mile-high club members?

I Did It!!!

It might have taken me two and a half years BUT my re-written, professionally edited version of my first full-length novel, The Arrangement is now live at I am so excited about this.

And I really need your support to buy it…and just as importantly review it. Even if you read the original at Literotica, there are almost 30,000 more words and it has been edited by my friend Jim the Brit.

WARNING: As part of a complex plot and story line, this book does contain strong language as well as multiple, graphic sex scenes, including sexual intercourse, oral and anal play (female to male) and BDSM. While the sex is not gratuitous, it is graphic and fetish oriented. Please do NOT purchase or read if such things bother you.

With the loss of his wife, SEAL leader Daniel Monroe finds himself grounded with four girls to command. It is a job that proves too big even for this stalwart Commander. When he calls in the reserves, his mama and the wife of his best friend, they come up with a different kind of solution – find him a new wife and mother for the girls on-line.

Jill Smith has dedicated her life to caring for others and raising her family. She lived in exile for a quarter of a century, the very American wife of a Royal Marine. Now with her husband dead and her sons grown, she is homesick with a hole the size of Texas in her heart. She is a mother with no one to look after. What’s a girl to do when she sees a handsome officer and four beautiful daughters with no one to care for and love them?

The surprisingly old-fashioned, yet modern, solution to their problems is an arranged marriage. Can ‘the arrangement’ built on shared values, goals and needs withstand the burning heat and wild kink that they create between the sheets…in the shower…on the kitchen counter tops?

To make matters worse, as Jill delves deeper into the supposed suicide of Daniel’s wife, near-miss accidents begin to plague the family. Is it just coincidence or someone trying to keep the truth hidden?